March 23, 2023

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400 crore scam in West Bengal and Delhi.

New Delhi – Digital media crime has increased so much that people are coming to talk about it by showing letters and fake documents directly and investing their money. Keeping this in mind, a person named Gautam Banerjee has been filling his pocket by showing people false bank statements, fake documents, and many other things. This man named Gautam Banerjee has made millions of rupees from the people in West Bengal his entire gang lives in Delhi’s C R Park and this is how they raise money from people.

Keeping this in mind, many institutions and individuals have now accused Gautam Banerjee that they have been victims of his looting. Till now Gautam Banerjee and his associates have collected crores of rupees from individuals & Institutions and there is no account of this. In West Bengal, a fraudulent person named Gautam Banerjee is missing and the administration is also looking for it. There has been some negligence of the administration that so far the administration has not been able to catch Gautam Banerjee and his entire gang. This entire incident was brought to notice by a well-known social activist Indranil Bhattacharya, who is accusing Gautam Banerjee and also has mentioned that if the administration does not arrest Gautam Banerjee as soon as possible, then I knock at the door of the Supreme Court against him. The individuals who have been affected are demanding the arrest of Gautam Banerjee.

Reported by Rahul Gupta
Exclusively Reported on Disha Shakti News
Reported on 7th November 2020

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