May 31, 2023

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New Covid cases drops below 3% mark in Delhi since March

The national capital on Sunday added fewer than 2,000 new coronavirus disease cases for the first time since end-March, while the test positivity dropped below the 3% mark, as Delhi continued to make its way out of a brutal tsunami of infections that battered the city for a month.
With 1,649 infections recorded in the state government’s daily health bulletin on Sunday, daily cases were at their lowest since the city logged 992 cases on March 30, around the time Delhi’s fourth wave of Covid-19 began to expand its footprint.

Consequently, the seven-day average of cases, known as case trajectory, continued to fall in the city, with Delhi recording an average of 3,286 new infections each day over the past week, down to less than one-third from the previous week. In the week ending May 16, Delhi logged an average of 10,043 new cases a day. The week before that, the city saw an average of 18,374 cases every day.

Sunday’s case trajectory was also the lowest in the Capital since the week ending April 5, when Delhi added 2,906 new infections to its tally per day.
At its peak of the April-May surge, Delhi added 28,395 cases of the infection in a single day on April 20 — the most ever in the city since the pandemic broke out in March last year.

Promisingly, the Covid-19 test positivity rate — the proportion of tested samples that return positive for Covid-19 – fell to 2.4% on Sunday, the lowest since March 28, and down from 3.58% the previous day. Delhi’s positivity rate, regarded as a crucial metric to understand the spread of an infection, has now dropped for 17 days consecutively and has stayed below 5% for three straight days. Experts across the world, including the World Health Organization (WHO), consider an infection to be under control in a region if the test positivity rate stays below 5% for at least two weeks.

Sunday’s death toll was lower than the number of fatalities a week ago, when Delhi saw 262 deaths of the infection. However, more people died of the infection on Sunday than during the peak of the Covid-19 surge on November 18, when 131 people died — the most in a single day at that time.

Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 24/05/2021

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