May 30, 2023

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A Milestone In The History Of Online Journalism.

The online communications flourished due to the CompuServe dial-up service. It provided their first service to the public in the year 1979 on 24th September.

The public could read an online newspaper on 1st July, 1980. AppleII or the TRS – 80 desktop computer, a modem with access to the online CompuServe Dial-Up Service enabled the readers to read an online newspapers.

The Columbus dispatch was the first newspaper to go online. It was part of a unique CompuServe and Associated Press experiment about the potential of online papers. Eventually other AP member newspapers were part of the project, including the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Minneapolis Star Tribune, The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Francisco Examiner, the Los Angeles Times, The Virginian-Pilot, The Middlesex News, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The CompuServe and Associated Press experiment extended a milestone in the history of online journalism. It was one of the largest systems for electronic bulletin board (BBS) access.

Report by Manash Choudhuri
Reported on – 21/03/2021

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