March 23, 2023

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A New Vision for the blind.

A team of researchers at Monash University, Australia claims that they have built a system through which blind people would be able to see again. According to them, this is the world’s first bionic eye. The bionic eye dubbed ‘Gennaris bionic vision system’. It works by bypassing damaged optic nerves to allow signals to be transmitted from the retina to the vision centre of the brain.
The user would have to wear a custom-designed headgear that has the camera and a wireless transmitter installed. A set of 9 mm tiles are implanted in the brain that receives the signals.
Researchers have seen successful results in sheep with minimal side effects where it was safely implanted into their brains. They are now preparing to take it to the next level for its first-ever human clinical trial, that is expected to be conducted in Melbourne.

Bureau Report – Sukanto Mitra
Reported on – 10th October 2020

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