June 10, 2023

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“After all, a child must have the right to live”- Alisah Sen

Sushmita Sen came across an old video of her younger daughter Alisah reciting a heartwarming essay on adoption. In the essay, the 11-year-old urged people to adopt as it gives a child ‘the right to live’ and brings one a lot of love and happiness in return.
Alisah read out her essay in the video: “I believe that you should adopt a child from the orphanage since you will have happiness in your family. After all, a child must have the right to live. You might be thinking that adopting a child means more responsibility than a biological one. But no, you are wrong. Both types are the same and secondly there shouldn’t even be a differentiation.”
“When you adopt, you give life to someone. You get to be different. You get to choose a child whose parents abandoned them. Besides, honestly, it is a beautiful feeling to know that you gave life in such a way that you saved one. Your child will love you so much that you would never feel like they are adopted. That is the kind of love you will get from them,” she added.
Alisah compared children to ‘clay’ and said that they are quick to love. She also appealed to people to give orphans the love that they deserve but do not get.
“There are people who have adopted kids out of sheer love, not to make a name — Sushmita Sen, who adopted two baby girls; Sunny Leone, who adopted one girl. So, please be like these inspirational people, who inspired almost the whole world to adopt a child. Adopt a child but out of love,” the essay concluded.
Sushmita became a mother at the age of 24 when she adopted Renee. She adopted her younger daughter, Alisah, in 2010.
Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 07/04/2021

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