March 28, 2023

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“As a dad of two daughters, this movie really hit home for me.”- Barack Obama on Fatherhood

Kevin Hart has a new Netflix movie called Fatherhood where he chatted with the media about the involvement from the Obama’s. 

“Barack and Michelle Obama were very keen on getting involved in this project, particularly because of its involvement with the portrayal of black men as good fathers. “

We must agree that there need to be more efforts such as these that allow society to embrace the roles of black men as good fathers. 

Kevin Hart plays a father in the movie and his dramatic role is painted in a positive way when it comes to black fathers. 


I got to talk to Obama, he really saw the opportunity in this movie for positive messaging attached to a Black man being a good father. 

Barack Obama also tweeted that “As a dad of two daughters, this movie really hit home for me. I’m glad to see it has resonated with so many people.”

Hart plays a father that is raising his child alone after his wife passes away during childbirth. “The Obamas formed Higher Ground in 2018, signing a multi-year deal with Netflix to produce TV and film projects that lift diverse voices”, “Fatherhood” appealed to them and that is why they have supported the production of the movie.

We love the sentiment behind these kind of creative relationships and with names like these, films such as “Fatherhood” are bound to impact communities around the world in a positive and uplifting way.

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