March 23, 2023

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Complaint lodged against Governor for derogatory remarks on CM Mamta Banerjee

Kolkata: A complaint was lodged against Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar with the West Bengal Commission for Women for his alleged “abusive and derogatory remark” that “tantamount to outraging modesty” towards the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. A social worker Susmita Banerjee lodged the complaint with the commission stating that Dhankhar’s remark in his tweeter handle on October 2 “tantamount to outraging modesty and sexual harassment and the intention of the honourable governor is to insult the Chief Minister and belittle her qualifications, achievements and her standing in the society”. Sources said the Commission will be holding a meeting on Wednesday to decide the next course of action in this regard. Confirming receiving the complaint, the Commission’s chairperson Leena Gangopadhyay said: “Both, the Governor and the Chief Minister, are the guardians of the state. It is sad if such a comment hurts anyone.”

Mentioning the Governor’s tweet of October 2, the complainant has requested the Commission, in the letter dated October 6, “with deep pain, fear and anxiety” to “ensure from the Governor permanent removal of his remarks and public heartfelt apology”. In her letter to the Commission, she also requested to “seek and ensure resignation” of the Governor from the Constitutional post along with other steps “to effectively condemn such a virulent act”. The “contentious tweet” no more exists in the Governor’s twitter handle. Banerjee has, however, quoted the tweets in her letter to the commission.

A national news channel and Amitabh Bachchan were tagged in the tweet as terms like “Hot Seat” and “Lock” of the latter’s famous TV show have been used in the tweet. Also Read – ‘Political party giving communal colour in narrow fractious & partisan interest’

The tweets, as quoted, read as “@ndtv @Srbachchan Moments captured ‘As Governor am already in HOT SEAT with no lifeline’. Urged mahanayak to LOCK the moment I get ‘mamata’ from Mamataji. Clinical Psychologist Chhavi Tewary mantra during Pandemic “It’s OK even if not [email protected]”. “@ndtvindia @Srbachchan on the current covid scenario @MamataOfficial I urged that action in togetherness is the only way out. Response to my stance that ‘I am already in ‘HOT SEAT’ with no life line’. Requested Big B to ‘LOCK’ the moment I succeed in getting mamta from WB CM.”

Stating that such comment is “not only insult of the Chief Minister for being a woman but also degrade and demean all women in general”, the letter to the Commission further mentioned that such an attack comes on the Chief Minister who tirelessly worked for women empowerment in Bengal. The complaint also highlighted that the Governor has not even for once condemned the Hathras incident and raised the question that if “the Constitutional head of a state can make such degrading remark against a woman who is the Chief Minister of the state on national television and have the audacity to share it as an achievement on his Twitter account, then how can we common women feel safe anymore?”

Reported by – Rahul Gupta
Reported on – 12th October 2020

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