March 24, 2023

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“everything I do is to make my Papa proud.”: Tulsi Kumar

Tulsi Kumar, one of the cardinal names in the music arena, who has blossomed with tantalizing singles and groovy remixes has now added another feather to her hat. The songstress has now turned host for the very first time for season 2 of Indie Hain Hum.
Tulsi’s journey in the music industry has been nothing less than inspiring. After losing her father Gulshan Kumar at a very young age, she has evolved into a successful independent artist, shouldering the brand T-Series, all this while being a loving wife and a mother. She is undeniably a real-life superwoman.
Tulsi ventured as a professional playback singer in the mid-2000s. Her popular tracks include “Mujhe Teri” from the movie Paathshaala and “Tum Jo Aaye” from Once Upon a Time in Mumbai to name a few
Tulsi lost her father and founder of T-Series Gulshan Kumar when she was only 11. Despite not having him around for years to see her successful journey so far, the songstress admits that she does miss him, and works passionately to make him proud.
Sharing one of her fondest memories, Tulsi added, “When I turned 7, he took me to a store on my birthday and made me buy a grand piano, which still remains with me. Every role that I play in life is to make my father proud so I make sure that I take my work very seriously and I love and have a lot of passion for my work. Because I know my father loved music and he is definitely very happy seeing me grow and he is happy to see my progress in work. So, everything I do is to make my Papa proud.”
Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 10/03/2021

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