June 1, 2023

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Fire breaks in a private Covid-19 hospital located inside one of the Mumbai’s Mall

A fire broke out at a mall in Mumbai’s Bhandup area shortly after midnight in which a private Covid-19 hospital is located. The rescue operation is still on at the Dreams mall and 23 fire engines are on the spot.
The Birhan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said that there have been two deaths, but the Sunrise hospital said those are not linked to the fire incident.
“There were two dead bodies (due to Covid) which were also evacuated. There was no casualty due to fire,” the hospital said in a statement on Friday morning.
It also said that the fire broke out on the first floor of the mall. “The smoke reached the hospital located at the top floor. All fire alarms beeped and hence all patients were safely evacuated due to the smoke to the fire refuge area” the statement said.
“This hospital was started in exceptional circumstances of Covid last year and has helped in saving many patients from Covid deaths. It is functioning with all due compliances like fire licence nursing home licence etc.
The hospital staff did a fantastic job in safely evacuating patients on wheelchairs and beds to the refuge areas and by following the fire drills,” the statement further said.
Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 25/03/2021

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