June 1, 2023

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“I have always loved Kishore Kumar and want his story to be told on the screen.”: Anurag Basu

In a recent chat with PTI, Anurag Basu spoke about music being an integral part of his writing process. He said, “Music is an integral part of my movies and my life. From morning till evening, I’m always listening to music… all kinds of music. Since it is there in my life, it naturally seeps into my movies as well.”

Anurag Basu spoke about the Kishore Kumar biopic as he was keen to make the project for a while.

Anurag said, “Last I heard that filmmaker Amit Kumar (the singer’s son) wanted to make the movie on Kishore Kumar. But whoever it is, I want this film to be made immediately. I have always loved Kishore Kumar and want his story to be told on the screen.”

In a chat with News18, Anurag also spoke on the format of the OTT release and said, “OTT was the correct choice for Ludo’s release at that time. I was apprehensive but we made the right decision. It was released internationally and dubbed in 35 languages. This would not have happened with the theatrical model. I opened up to OTT when Jagga Jasoos got a great response 2-3 years after its release.”

Anurag feels elated by the audience’s response to his film Ludo. “With Ludo, it was very different. I never sat behind a computer screen reading reviews and what people from around the world are saying about the film, positive or negative. It was very humbling. It prepares you for your next release.”

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