March 23, 2023

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“I love the way South India film industry not touching hearts but also crushing the charts”-Armaan Malik

Singer Armaan Malik praised South Indian music and wished the Hindi cinema could also produce the same kind of music.

Armaan Malik is known for his melodious voice in Hindi cinema. In an exclusive conversation with Pink Villa, Armaan said, “Personally for me as a playback singer, I have not seen a song blow up as much as Butta Bomma has done. It is actually one of my biggest songs across all the genres, in fact, it has done better than some of my Hindi songs.

It is beautiful to see how my Telugu language song has managed to get national fame. Internationally also, you could see David Warner dancing to the song. I think in general, Butta Bomma has crossed boundaries because of the song itself. People love to listen to happy and it makes everyone feel good.”

“I have actually always said this, but I as a singer and musician, I truly feel like whenever I sing songs in the South Indian film industry, I go back as much better singer. When I go to the studio and sing a South Indian song and when I come back home, I feel I have levelled up as a singer. The kind of music, arrangements, songs, the melody they are doing is truly unbelievable. I wish also that Hindi cinema could also do the same kind of music. Being from Bollywood, I know the kind of music that is coming out.

Obviously, there were a lot of remakes in between, slowly now, there are original songs coming out and doing well but the volume of it is a little less.”

He concluded, “Obviously, I love the way South India film industry not touching hearts but also crushing the charts. I feel, somewhere in the Hindi film industry the melody is missing. We need to go back to our roots because early 2000, or 90s, there used to be a lot of rich melodies. Not saying that few people ain’t doing it but that charm is missing Definitely, what the South Indian film industry is doing we all should be inspired by.”

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