May 29, 2023

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India records over 1.52 lakh new covid cases, 3,128 deaths, lowest spike since April

India recorded over 1.52 lakh new covid-19 cases in the 24 hours ending 8 am on Monday, taking the country’s total infections to over 2.80 crore. This is the lowest spike in daily infections since April 9.

Out of these, active cases further declined to over 20 lakh and the number of recoveries escalated to over 2.56 crore. With 3,128 new fatalities, the lowest since April 26, the death toll is now at over 3.29 lakh.

The Centre is looking at redefining its vaccine strategy and planning to begin testing the feasibility of mixing two different covid-19 vaccines to see if it helps boost immune response to the virus.

The government will also likely review the impact of extending the interval between covishield doses. A newly proposed vaccine tracker platform is likely to launch shortly too, sources said. Tamil Nadu continued to be the top contributor with 28,864 cases. Maharashtra count below 20,000 for second consecutive day

RSS Sahapracharpramukh (joint publicity chief) Narendra Kumar said media reports of corpses flowing through the Ganga and buried on its banks was part of an “agenda”. In a virtual speech on the occasion of Maharshi Narad Jayanti, Kumar said, “Dead bodies in Ganga were also seen in 2015 and 2017. There was no Covid-19 pandemic then. So to connect them to Covid-19 now is clearly part of an agenda.”

Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 31/05/2021

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