May 30, 2023

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Jawans in Ladkah get shelter upgrade to meet Chinese challenge in winter

The Indian Army has established shelters for troops to survive the harsh winters in Ladakh when temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees. The living accommodation that will protect the troops from the severe cold and wind chill factor includes fast erectable modular shelters.  
As the Indian Army continues its enhanced troop deployment in Ladakh through the winter, special arrangements for sustaining the harsh winter – when temperatures can drop to minus 40 degrees, have been put in place.
In order to ensure operational efficiency of troops deployed in winters, the Indian Army has completed the establishment of habitat facilities for all troops deployed in the sector, army sources said.
The living accommodation that will protect the troops from the severe cold and wind chill factor includes fast erectable modular shelters.
Apart from the smart camps with integrated facilities which have been built over the years, additional state of the art habitat with integrated arrangements for electricity, water, heating facilities, health and hygiene have been recently created to accommodate the troops.
“Troops in the front line are accommodated in heated tents as per tactical considerations of their deployment,” said a source.
In addition, adequate civil infrastructure has also been identified to cater to any emergent requirements.
Special shelters for material and equipment have also been put in place to save it from the heavy snow.
India and China have been locked in a military standoff since early May in Ladakh with the deployment of nearly 50,000 troops on both sides.
After eight rounds of military talks at the Corps Commander level to find a resolution, there is still no breakthrough even though a proposed disengagement plan is still being finalised before it can be mutually implemented.
Altitudes in Ladakh range from High to Super High Altitude and the area experiences up to 40 feet of snowfall, after the month of November.
Providing logistics in peacetime deployment is a challenge in the winter, and with four times the number of troops serving in forward locations, it’s the entire war machinery that’s been pressed into action
Coupled with the wind chill factor, the temperature dips down to minus 30-40 degrees. In addition, road access also gets affected for a brief period of time making life in the areas extremely tough and challenging.
Indian forces set in place a massive stocking of ration, winter clothing, high altitude tents, fuel for at least two months in Ladakh before the winter sets in amid the ongoing military tussle with China.
Sources said the stocking of some essential items specifically aimed at braving the harsh winter is enough to last a year with the enhanced troop deployment in Ladakh over the last six months.
As part of operations to enhance supplies Indian Air Force’s transport aircraft make frequent landings at the Leh airbase bringing in troops and essential supplies items that are sent to forward locations.
As the confrontation has intensified at the end of August with a massive build-up by both India and China the Indian forces picked up pace to ensure they have all the essential items ready before the winter sets in
The Indian Air Force has been in full swing, not just carrying men and material but also fighter jets are seen flying frequently.
Winter clothing, tents, heating appliances, ration are among the materials that were stocked and sent to forward locations where the Indian troops take on the Chinese belligerence.
Special tents that can withstand temperatures dipping to minus 50 degrees are also among the material sent to troops deployed in forward areas.

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