June 1, 2023

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Look what Freedom Again Foundation offers the Hyderabad government schools

A Hyderabad based-NGO named Freedom Again Foundation has been offering their services to government schools since 2015.

Mushir Khan, the founder of Freedom Again Foundation, speaking to ANI said, “In India, even if a person belongs to a middle class family or to a even to a lower income family, he/she wants his child/children to study in a private school and would not prefer a government school.

This is something that has to change and that is why I have started working over school education in Government schools.”

He further said that the foundation has legally adopted two government schools here in Hyderabad and are providing the students with several facilities.

Khan said that they have given projectors to several government schools. He mentioned that due to these activities, we were able to see an increase in the number of students attending the school.

The foundation also helps in making people aware of the health schemes that are available for poor that would benefit them in case of emergency or who are in dire need of financial or any other support.

Syed Shah Qadri, the vice president of the Freedom Again Foundation said that there is a lot of talent that is going un noticed in the government schools. The government is doing their part by conducting various activities like art competition so that the children of government school can engage into not just academics but also into extra curricular activities. 

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