March 24, 2023

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Lucknow municipal corporation to use machines to clean sewer overflow hotspots

The Lucknow municipal corporation (LMC) and the Jal Sansthan will use jetting machines to clean at least 50 sewer overflow hotspots in the city identified through geographic information system (GIS) mapping as it moves from manual scavenging to mechanical cleaning to protect sanitation workers from health hazards amid Covid-19 pandemic, said officials.

Areas near Civil Hospital in Hazratganj, Lalkuan, road near Raj Bhawan, Hewett road, Chitta Khera, Billauchpura, Alambagh bus station, Chander Nagar, Balaganj and Thakurganj, are among areas identified for cleaning through machines. Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia said Sewage India has been entrusted with the work.

“Lucknow is also moving from non-mechanical systems to more mechanical and automated systems. The latest equipment has been introduced for cleaning of drains and sewage to save sanitation workers from health hazards. During the pandemic, it is the duty of the civic body to take care of its workforce. Currently, over 525 workers are into cleaning of sewers. They will be trained to operate advanced cleaning machines,” Bhatia said.

She added this use of machines has become important due to the need to complete a high volume of work in a short period. “More than 800 nullahs and 1,500 small drains have to be cleaned before May 31. Similarly, all the sewer lines have to be cleaned before this date.”

Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 20/05/2021

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