June 10, 2023

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Man Arrested For Trying To Rape Minor Girl

A man was arrested in Meghalaya’s West Garo Hills after his attempt to rape a minor girl, which her clan members tried to hush up, was reported to the police, a spokesman of the force said on Saturday. The incident took place two days ago and the clan members had met and attempted to reach a compromise with the man on Friday, the police said the man had forcefully taken the girl and gagged her before trying to rape her. The younger sister of the victim, who witnessed the crime, raised an alarm and the man was caught by the villagers, the police said. But instead of handing over the man to the police, the villagers held a ‘Mahari’ (clan) meeting where they sought to reach a compromise in which the man would be let off. The police later arrested the man on being informed and booked him under the provisions of POCSO, said the district superintendent of police M G R Kumar.

Report by Namita Kewat Mumbai – DS News
Reported on – 18-October-2020

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