June 10, 2023

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Medical team from Puthur Domiciliary Care Centre (DCC) reaches tribal village for Covid test by crossing river on foot

After receiving an SOS call, a medical team from Puthur Domiciliary Care Centre (DCC) reached a tribal village, which is 20 km from Attapadi in Palakkad and comprises around 100 people of Irula, Mudugar and Kurumba tribes. Last week, three members from one family in the settlement had developed high fever and were in need of immediate medical attention.
The journey to the Murugula village wasn’t, however, easy. The team comprising three doctors and a driver realised they can use their vehicles only up to the bank of the Bhavani Puzha river and that they had to cross the river on foot thereafter.

After crossing the river Saturday morning, the team then trekked another eight km inside the Attappadi forest before they reached the village. Once there, they conducted rapid antigen tests for Covid-19 of more than 30 people, of which seven tested covid positive. They were shifted to the Puthur DDC.
Significantly, Dr Sukanya, who was part of the team, besides health inspector Dr. Sunil Vasu, junior health inspector Dr. Shaij and driver Sajesh, received an appreciation call from Kerala Health Minister Veena George for their work.
To reduce Covid infection and mortality rate, the Kerala government has made many internal medical structure changes since the Covid-19 outbreak last year. DCC is one of the changes.
“Each gram panchayat has its own DCC and it is monitored by a gram. There are 67 villages that function under this Puthur gram panchayat. To reduce the burden on mainline hospitals and dependency on oxygen, the DCCs are utilised vastly in these areas. Now, we have around 120 beds in the Puthur DCC. We are saving more lives with this facility” said Rajan, former Palakkad district panchayat councilor.

Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 26/05/2021

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