March 31, 2023

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Meet the Pawri Ho Rahi Hai girl Dananeer Mobeen

Pawri Ho Rahi Hai. That’s it. That’s the line that the internet is currently obsessed with ever since Dananeer Mobeen released her viral video over the weekend. Apart from creating memes and their versions of Pawri Ho Rahi Hai, social media users are also interested in knowing every detail about Dananeer Mobeen as she occupied the top spot on the trends list apart from her viral line.
Based in Islamabad, Dananeer Mobeen, 19, creates videos on a variety of subjects and also shares pictures from her photoshoots and travel escapades on social media. In her bio on Instagram, Dananeer asserts, "Call me Geena but learn to pronounce my real name first!" She has over five lakh fans on Instagram and around 31,000 followers on Twitter.
Dananeer, however, is a lot more active on Instagram rather than Twitter. Off late, though, she has been retweeting Pawri memes and videos recreated by fans.

Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 09/03/2021

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