March 24, 2023

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“Never had I imagined portraying a personality this pivotal”- Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta in a new video took fans behind the scenes of her transformation into Indira Gandhi, for the upcoming film BellBottom, starring Akshay Kumar.

Actor Lara Dutta, who plays Indira Gandhi in the upcoming spy film BellBottom, shared a video capturing her transformation into the former Prime Minister. Lara surprised fans at the film’s trailer launch when she revealed that she was behind the prosthetics as the late ‘Mrs Gandhi’.

Sharing the video on Instagram, she wrote, “Never had I imagined portraying a personality this pivotal & when I saw how this transformation translated on the screen, everything felt surreal & worth it. Can’t wait for y’all to watch my performance in #BellBottom on the big screen in 3D on 19th Aug.”

The time-lapse video showed Lara Dutta sitting in the makeup chair as several artistes worked on her face and her hair. She thanked ‘all the people’ who were responsible for helping her slip under the character’s skin, with the help of prosthetics.

At the trailer launch on Wednesday, she spoke about taking the role on, and how she approached it. “Okay, so you did see me in the trailer. I’m playing Mrs Indira Gandhi in the film. That’s me. All it took was a call and they said that Lara this film is being made and we are casting for Indira Gandhi’s role. That is all it took, before I even heard the script. But yes, of course, there is a great responsibility when you’re portraying somebody who is an iconic figure like her,” she said.

However, not everyone was impressed by Lara’s look in the film. Hair stylist and former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Bhavnani wrote in a tweet, “Such a bad wig though can see the lining of it. But of course, you wouldn’t as you’re not a hair person. We haven’t come close to mastering hair yet.”

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