March 23, 2023

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“No Comments!” said, Kanchan on Rudranil joining BJP.

Actor Kanchan Mullick said, "Acting is my profession but I joined politics to serve common people of Uttarpara"
Trinomool Congress party Candidate for Uttarpara Constituency in the West Bengal Assembly Election; Kanchan Mullick said, " I would like to work for the people of Uttarpara with Didi. "
Kanchan was very calm and relaxed when he spoke about his election campaign as Trinomool Congress Party Candidate for Uttarpara constituency to Disha Shakti News. He would compete against two time MLA from Uttarpara; Sri. Prabir Ghoshal who joined BJP very recently.
Well known Bengali Film and Theatre personality Kanchan is also known for his very famous Television Show "Janata Express", he acted in movies like "Bye Bye Bangkok" and "Dracula Sir." He said that he joined politics not for money but to do something for the people of Uttarpara.
When he was asked about his dear friend Actor Rudranil Ghosh who joined BJP from Trinomool Congress, Kanchan said, "No Comments!" He categorically also said, "Its’ their choice", about his other Tollygunge Co- Actors joining either BJP or TMC.
Kanchan is a entertainer and entertained people with his acting for so many years, now time has come to accomplish a different task of serving common people along with Didi; Mamta Banerjee.

Report by Manash Choudhuri
Reported on – 08/04/2021

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