June 1, 2023

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“Our audience decides who they want to call a star or not” Rajkummar Rao

Known to be a director’s actor, Rajkummar Rao has his own unique ways to give life to any character given to him. Currently garnering praise for his brilliant performance in the comedy thriller ‘Roohi’, actor Rao’s journey looks straight out of a Bollywood movie.

Known to be extremely versatile and talented, Rajkummar has given some really pathbreaking performances in his incredible journey of eleven years. But, in today’s time, things and people are changing rapidly.

The pandemic has put a big question mark on the face of the entertainment industry. In such times, even the whole star culture seems to have been disrupted, but the distinction, therefore, between ‘actors’ and ‘stars’ seems to have disappeared.

Rajkummar Rao had two direct to OTT releases last year, Ludo and Chhalaang, about these tags, the actor says some things will never change.

Talking to a leading daily, he said, “Stars, I don’t know… but I know for a fact that our superstars will always be there. They’ve been here for so many decades and with the love and adulation they’ve seen, I don’t think our generation will ever experience that. I love them, too, but, the way our cinema has seen this gradual shift, for me, the script is the real star. I’m just happy with the fact that we’re investing a lot of time in writing.”

“I guess these tags can come and go overnight, but to sustain them is the most difficult task. Our audience decides who they want to call a star or not. In my case, I always wanted to be an actor and that’s why I got formal training in acting as I wanted to come prepared before coming to Mumbai. I’m here for a marathon and not a sprint. I just want to keep acting and playing different exciting characters all my life, rest everything is a by-product,” he added.

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