March 23, 2023

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Pandemic Stress: Focus On Self-Care And 6 Other Tips That Won’t Fail

Pandemic stress: The pandemic calls for social distancing. This means you need to stay physically away from people as much as possible. Use technology to your benefit. Start conversing with your peers using video calls.
Change may be stressful, difficult to cope with, but it is inevitable. With the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19, there is a lot going on in everyone’s minds. The change brought on by the pandemic has caused a lot of negative emotions like stress, anxiety, etc. which are negatively affecting the mental and physical well-being of most individuals. The prolonged quarantine has instilled Generalised Fear and Pervasive Community Anxiety in our sociality. We may collect, suffer ill psychological effects such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, confusion, and even anger. Among the family members of friends, we need timely redressal of negative triggers such as boredom, frustration, longer quarantine duration, financial loss, fear of infection, inadequate information, and stigma.

Report by Beauro Report – DS News
Reported on – 18-October-2020

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