March 27, 2023

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Petrol and diesel prices fall down in many cities of India

Petrol and diesel prices across the major cities of the country slashed on Tuesday (March 30) on the back of softening international crude prices.
After today’s rate revision, petrol prices were cut by 19-22 paise while diesel prices were reduced by 21-23 paise across the country. State-run oil marketing companies the prices of petrol and diesel unchanged for the fourth consecutive day across the country on Monday.
Petrol prices were cut in New Delhi by 22 paise to Rs 90.56 a litre on Tuesday as against Rs 90.78 on Monday. Diesel in the national capital became cheaper by 23 paise to Rs 80.87 a litre as compared with Rs 81.10 yesterday’s price.
People in Mumbai have to pay Rs 96.98 for a litre of petrol after a 21 paise decrease over Monday’s price. A litre of diesel costs Rs 87.96, 24 paise less than yesterday’s price of Rs 88.20 a litre.
In Kolkata, the pump price of petrol was lowered by 21 paise to Rs 90.77 a litre, from Rs 90.98 recorded on Monday. Diesel costs Rs 83.75 a litre, 23 paise less than Monday’s price.
Petrol became 19 paise cheaper today in Chennai and is selling at Rs 92.58 per litre while diesel price dropped to Rs 85.88, 22 paise less than yesterday’s price of Rs 86.10 a litre. In Patna, petrol is retailing at Rs 92.89 a litre, decrease by 22 paise from Rs 93.11 a litre on Monday. Diesel price in Patna fell from Rs 86.35 a litre on Monday to Rs 86.12 on Tuesday. The price of petrol in Lucknow went down by 16 paise to Rs 88.85 a litre while diesel was selling at Rs 81.27 a litre as against Rs 81.50 a litre yesterday.
Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 30/03/2021

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