March 22, 2023

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Police intensify mask campaign

Kolkata: Following all-around concerns over the casual attitude among people as they go about their daily lives, Kolkata Police on Saturday launched the second edition of its ‘Mask Up Kolkata’ campaign, urging people to wear them properly.
Doctors have already warned that if precautions are not taken during the festive season, Covid-19 numbers may spiral out of control.
On Saturday, police commissioner Anuj Sharma launched a teaser campaign #ebarpujoimaskmust (masks are a must this Puja). “We are starting the campaign to make people aware of the threat. If they move around during Puja, they must do so with the mask covering their nose and mouth,” Sharma told DSN.

Police have also stepped up action to drive home the point. Since the past week, police have taken action against 220-260 people each day for not wearing masks properly.

“We found that even till last month, people at least had the masks near their chins. But from the beginning of this month, we found many roaming without masks. We have decided to crack down on buses and tea stalls where the norms are being regularly flouted. We will also carry out special drives in markets and malls,” said an officer.

Reported by – Rahul Gupta
Reported on 12th October 2020

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