March 27, 2023

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Gold Price Rate today has gone up by a staggering Rs 3,200 per 100 gram. The 22-carat Gold price rate today is Rs 4,42,800 per 100 gram and the 24-carat Gold price rate today is Rs 4,52,800 per 100 gram. Meanwhile, the 10 gram 22-carat Gold price rate on Friday is Rs 44,280 and the 10 gram 24-carat Gold price rate on Friday is Rs 45,280.
The 22-carat Gold price rate in Delhi is Rs 44, 350, in Mumbai Rs 44, 280, in Chennai Rs 42,580, in Bangalore Rs 42,200, in Hyderabad Rs 42, 200, in Kerala Rs 42, 200, in Pune Rs 44, 280, in Vadodara Rs 44, 620, in Ahmedabad Rs Rs 44,620, in Jaipur Rs 44,350, in Lucknow Rs 44,350, in Coimbatore Rs 42,580, in Madurai Rs 42,580, in Vijaywada Rs 42,200, in Patna Rs 44,280, in Nagpur Rs 44,280, in Chandigarh Rs 44, 350, in Surat Rs 44,620, in Bhubaneswar Rs 42,200, in Mangalore Rs 42,200, in Visakhapatnam Rs 42,200, in Nashik Rs 44,280, and in Mysore Rs 42,200.
The 24-carat Gold price rate in Delhi is Rs 48, 380, in Mumbai Rs 45,280, in Chennai Rs 46,450, in Bangalore Rs 46,040, in Hyderabad Rs 46,040, in Kerala Rs 46,040, in Pune Rs 45,280, in Vadodara Rs 46,490, in Ahmedabad Rs Rs 46,490, in Jaipur Rs 48,380, in Lucknow Rs 48,380, in Coimbatore Rs 46,450, in Madurai Rs 46,450, in Vijaywada Rs 46,040, in Patna Rs 45,280, in Nagpur Rs 45,280, in Chandigarh Rs 48, 380, in Surat Rs 46,490, in Bhubaneswar Rs 46,040, in Mangalore Rs 46,040, in Visakhapatnam Rs 46,040, in Nashik Rs 45,280, and in Mysore Rs 46,040.
Readers must note that 22-carat and the 24-carat Gold Price Rates are not showroom prices as these figures do not include Goods and Services Tax (GST), TCS, and other taxes and levies. Gold or Yellow metal is considered a fruitful option for investors as it has shown consistent annual growth over the years. Gold is considered a shield against inflation, currency debasement for a country, and can withstand the volatile nature of the share market, BSE Sensex.
Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 19/03/2021

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