March 23, 2023

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Sara Ali Khan in Discovery+ original’s latest episode of Mission Frontline

Sara Ali Khan joins the action with Veerangana Force in Assam where she undergoes intense training with the Commando unit 

In the latest episode of the new Discovery+ original Mission Frontline, actor Sara Ali Khan will be seen in action with the Veerangana Force in Assam.

She had recently unveiled the poster of Mission Frontline on August 11 on her Instagram page. The audience is expected to see her in a never-seen-before avatar performing intense physical training routine alongside the Veerangana Force which is India’s first female commando unit to tackle rising crime against women in the state.

Sara had uploaded a snippet from the latest episode on her Instagram handle. The snippet makes it evident that she had undergone extensive training by the women commandos. She stresses on the importance of women to be brave and courageous to face the world, instead of keeping their heads down.

Posting the story, she said, “There are a lot of women in India who are scared to step out of their comfort zone or to even face the world without covering their face. They are asked not to play sports or showcase their talents. It is high time for the world to stop imposing such rules on women.”

She adds that the training provided for the commando unit is immaculate and that these women break the societal norms and stereotypes of how an ideal woman should be.

Veerangana Force was launched after a year-long training in Tamil Nadu in November 2012. They are a group of women Commando Force of the Assam Police. They are trained in ‘silent drill’ which is known only to US marines, bike riding, martial arts, horse riding and use of weapons to take on eve-teasers, or anybody trying to violate a woman’s modesty.

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