June 2, 2023

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SMELL (A mystery behind a picture) promises good content on OTT and entertainment in cinema halls!

Arudipto Dasgupta shared press release of SMELL( A mystery behind a picture); a detective story produced by Raj Mallick, on its Subho Mahurat last Saturday at Zebra Studio, Kolkata. This will be after his action thriller “Anirved”. “SMELL”; a murder mystery flick in Hindi is scheduled to be on floor at mid of December and slotted for a January 2021 release.

The feature will be shot in and around Kolkata.Sanjoy Das’s story and script revolves around the reputed painter Durbar. He was killed in his own house. The detective could not trace the motives of the murder. The fingerprints on the weapons of the murder did not match with any of the suspects of the murder of Durbar. There was a distinct smell that was hovering the whole house baffled the police. Characters like Sayantan Panda; Sales agent of Durbar’s paintings, Sadhu; Durbar’s servant, Sayantan’s wife Bipasha initiated the mystery around Durbar’s murder. Eventually the SMELL of the dead body of Durbar and murderer’s clothes gives crucial lead to solve the mystery.The cast includes two debutant actors Amit Chandra and Sayeri Saha; both coming from strong theatrical background. Expecting a power packed performance from Rajesh Sharma, Joy Sengupta, Indranil Sengupta, Subrata Dutta along with Amit and Sayeri, SMELL promises good content on OTT and entertainment in cinema halls.

Report by Manash Chowdhury

Reported on – 08/11/2020

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