May 28, 2023

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Kolkata: On Sunday morning; streets of Bagbazar, Kolkata witnessed an assembly of enthusiastic photographers with their cameras taking a good look at a model who was sitting on a hand pulled rickshaw where harmonization was taken place between Fashion Photography and the busy streets of Bagbazar. These photographers focused their cameras to capture unique and mesmerizing frames of the model on the hand pulled Rickshaw and synchronized the busy streets as their blank canvas very effectively.

Photographers are members of a well known Facebook Photography Group; Passion8 Photography. Facebook Photography groups are becoming showcases for both amateur and professional photographers. And Passion8 Photography Group is providing that platform to all these aspiring photographers. The group organised a Street Fashion Photography Workshop on Sunday.

The main purpose of this workshop to encourage the members to overcome the Covid Pandemic phobia and to nurture their passion and to come out on the streets with their cameras without any fear. The Admins of the group provided masks and sanitizer to every participants. The Admins and the Participants of the workshop also distributed biscuits, chocolates, masks and sanitizer to the street children and poor residents of the Bagbazar area to make them aware of personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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