June 2, 2023

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“students who have lost a parent to Covid, his/her entire school education till grade XII will be borne by the school” : Sudha Goyal

In a first-of-its-kind move, Scottish High International School in Gurgaon said it will sponsor the education of students who have lost a parent to Covid till Class XII. Students will get full fee waiver till the completion of their education.“The Covid-19 pandemic has snatched away many of our loved ones. Over the last few months, parents and school staff, together as a team, have scrambled to help each other arrange for hospital beds, life-saving medicines, ambulances, oxygen cylinders, logistics, blood donations etc., to help each other in these devastating times. We are sad to share that although many recovered, few are still recuperating and unfortunately some beloved parents of our children could not survive the pandemic,” Director Sudha Goyal said in a circular dated May 27.Therefore, Goyal said the school had decided to “support, hold hands and share the responsibility of our dear students along with the surviving parents”.“So, a decision has been made by the school that students who have lost a parent to Covid, his/her entire school education till grade XII will be borne by the school at no cost to the parent with full waiver on all fees for the entire lifetime in the school,” she said.
“This fee waiver will ensure ease of financial load on the surviving parent and more importantly ensure there is no break in the child’s education. The school will further make certain that they find solace and strength amongst their fellow peers and within familiar surroundings of the school,” she added.
Ankita Jain, who handles public relations for the school, said around 9-10 students had lost a parent to Covid.
Asked how the school would manage funds to sponsor these students, she said, “The management has decided to bear the expenses. There will not be any hike in fee for other students, otherwise it defeats the whole purpose of such a move.”Report by Chetali S M
Reported on – 29/05/2021

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