June 2, 2023

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Woman in Mumbai found living with mother’s corpse since her death in March

Mumbai Police suspect the woman had been living with her dead mother’s corpse at their home in Chuim village in Bandra (west) since March of this year.
Mumbai Police on Saturday recovered the corpse of an 83-year-old woman from her home in Bandra (west). Officials said that the woman died in March of this year and her 53-year-old daughter had been living with her corpse all this time without informing anyone about her demise.
The matter came to light only on Saturday when neighbours of the woman in Chuim village in Bandra (west) approached the police against the daughter throwing garbage outside her window. Police personnel reached the woman’s home, only to find that the daughter had been living with her corpse throughout the nationwide lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus.
Quoting neighbours, a report by Mumbai Mirror suggested that the woman’s daughter suffers from mental health issues. This is why the police believe the daughter did not inform anyone about her mother’s death. The report goes on to add that the woman’s daughter did the same thing when her dog died a few years ago.
A senior police officer with the Khar (west) police station said that the deceased woman’s body has been sent to Cooper Hospital for post-mortem. The officer added that the daughter has been sent for medical examination after she failed to answer any questions about her mother’s death or why she did not inform anyone about the same.
A similar case had come to light from Chennai in September of this year where a mentally unstable woman sat next to the corpse of her son for three days before informing anyone about his death. Reports at the time had suggested that the woman’s son, a seven-year-old from Thirunindravur near Avadi area in Chennai, could have starved to death.

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